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Food is served, with emphasis on treats such as chicken fingers, hot dogs, chocolate milk, candy, pudding, and cake.Instant coffee and diet sodas hit the market for the first time.

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Food and drink manufacturers in Europe are actively working to reduce food waste in their operations and along the food chain for example through innovative supply chain partnerships.

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MINTEL GNPD A global database of new consumer packaged goods launches in 62 countries.After dry ice is in place, cover the freezer and refrigerator with blankets.Hosting a party without enough food or beverages will not be popular with guests, who could complain and might even leave your party early.

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Find simple and quick recipes for whipping up winning weeknight dinners, weekend party appetizers, game-day snacks and everything in between.

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From the days of our childhood watching hot cinnamon donuts dropping into sugar at the local donut shop, to our more recent discovery of the hybrid cronut, those warm doughy delights have been a lifelong obsession.

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Be sure not to cover air vent openings and fill the empty spaces around food with newspapers.The Pink Lady There was a lot of implicit (and not so implicit) genderizing in 1970s drink culture.

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Dry ice will freeze any food that flat stomach exercises for over 60s touches.Drinks Trink Kakao (Chocolate milk) - Self-explanatory, cold or hot.They eventually started coloring the drink so it was harder and harder to find the clear stuff, but it was ou there.

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Finding Your Metabolic Rate One of the less fun aspects of aging is a natural slowdown of your metabolism, which comes from gradually losing lean muscle mass as you age.

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Entertaining was moving in a more casual direction but still was more formal compared to subsequent decades.

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Another drink that gained popularity in the 1950s was the Grasshopper.From 1967: With sales up 43 percent in the past five years, the dry cereal business has been one of the fastest-growing segments of the food industry.The soft drinks of the past begat extreme, high-powered energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster Energy, and 5 Hour Energy.This time of year we need to minimise costs as we budget for Christmas.The expert-led global market intelligence solution for the food and drink industries.

Food is key when planning any kind a party, and nevermore-so with such a specific retro theme.April 4, 2012 by Sara Yoo. 271 Shares View On One Page ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow.

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