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The proprietary low-power, low-brightness LED system delivers a soft, diffuse volume of pure white light that carries the general character of a fluorescent source.This calculator is useful for calculating the luminous flux for LEDS where the angle is known. 1 candela of luminous intensity equals 1 lumen of luminous flux per steradian of solid angle, where a steradian respresents a cone whose surface area at the end equals the length of the cone squared.They are reliable, high quality replacements for conventional light sources for both commercial and residential applications.To save the most money on your electric bills, replace your bulbs with the lowest wattage for the desired lumens (brightness).Lumen Photon Therapy, Inc. is dedicated to training new technicians in the clinical use of photon therapy and supporting the expansion of the innovative field of photon therapeutic treatment. email for more information.

Choosing a Bulb Once you make the smart choice to pick an energy-efficient bulb, you need to decide which bulb to buy for different fixtures.Due to their methodology of converting electricity into light, LED bulbs feature a higher ratio of lumens to watts than incandescent bulbs.

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Lumens. Lumens are a measure of the total light emitted by a LED or flashlight (see Wikipedia article for more information on lumens).Lumenpulse Brand is a manufacturer of high performance, architectural LED lighting solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments.

Standard Series Replacement Bulbs provide LED performance and durability at an affordable price, while Plazma Series Replacement LED Bulbs use Plasma LED technology to create extremely bright light.We make it easy for you by listing the comparable incandescent wattage on every light bulb product page.

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A 75W traditional incandescent light will output 900-1000 lumens, a 13W CFL light will ouput roughly 800 lumens, while the Saffron 10W LED Light will output around 850 lumens.

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They come in a variety of shapes, offer a variety of sheens, and come in different base widths to match almost any light fixture.

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About 7% of these are led flood lights, 6% are led flashlights, and 3% are led high bay lights.

The useful life of LEDs is typically defined as the operating time prior to 30% lumen depreciation, or 70% lumen maintenance (L70).

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LED light bulbs have a longer life than traditional incandescent light bulbs and require less energy.

This homemade flashlight light bar uses ten 100W LED chips to produce an estimated 90,000 Lumens of light.

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These bright flashlights feature LED and Incandescent options, and additions like rechargeable systems, belt holsters, and interchangeable lenses.So how is it that at a fraction of the lumen output, an LED light can look just as bright as an incandescent bulb.Our manufacturing plant is a 100,000 square foot facility located in Henderson, NC.

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